Leadership & Followership for

Children and Adolescents

Perceptions of leadership have


The myth of leadership as something that relates to particular social or ability constructs, gender, age, geography or hierarchies is being firmly dispelled through role modelling, education and enhanced self-awareness.

It can mean knowing when - and how - to be a follower.

Perceptions of followership have changed.

Positive followership is:






It can be a form of leadership.


Working together,

generous, curious and self-aware leadership and followership can create the vision, energy and accountability for active citizenship and participation in any system, organisation or community.


Our programs introduce these concepts for young people to explore.

We encourage thinking about personal values, change and culture.

We facilitate each participant's growing awareness of how they are already leading and following.

Using the core pillars of

Lead Self

Lead Others

Change Your World

our aim is to empower through self-awareness.

We help each student consider how to navigate their own environment

now and into the future.

Our programs

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Leadership Lab is a fun and highly interactive introductory workshop that hits the ground running!

There are no wrong answers here!

The Culture Detectives workshop introduces students to concepts of culture to explore and navigate the systems, communities and groups they are part of.

I Am A Leader! is Know No Bounds' flagship program for young people. Understanding that self-awareness is the foundation of effective leadership and empowered followership, students are facilitated in working through the core pillars of Lead Self, Lead Others, Change Your World.

Each student will be able to say with confidence: "I Am A Leader!"

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