Duration: 3 x 45 minute workshops, or single 3 hour session (to include breaks)

Culture Detectives introduces students to concepts of culture, using different culture models to look at the systems, communities and groups they are part of.

  • What are the signs and symbols of the group or organisation?

  • What are the rules, and how do you know about them?

  • What - and who - is rewarded, and why?

  • What are the unspoken rules and norms?

  • What are the stories about the group, and how are these told?

Students think about what culture is; how we can see it; what it does; and how it changes.

We look at ideas about Followership in the context of changing culture.

And we think about how we can look for clues when we are in a new environment, with a new culture to understand.

This workshop facilitates students' exploration of how to assess and navigate culture; and why this is important.

Positive Change

Everyone has a choice about what kind of follower to be.
By being an effective, engaged and courageous follower, and by using Culture Detective skills, you will have the opportunity to be a leader and to make positive change anywhere.

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