Know No Bounds evolved from my passion for education and facilitation, and my enduring belief in empowerment through self-awareness.

My unique programming for young people introduces students to their own leadership attributes and facilitates a growing understanding that leadership can come from anyone, anywhere.

Katy Lumsden

MBS (Business Practice), UCC
Postgraduate Diploma Leadership
Postgraduate Diploma Organisational Behaviour
Postgraduate Diploma Organisational Development & Transformation
BDes (Hons) Visual Communications | ANCAD | SHA
Certified Training Instructor IITD
Founder, Know No Bounds

I am a practitioner in organisational behaviour, organisational development and human resources and have held leadership positions within the public sector in Ireland, church and trade union environments. Originally qualified and practising in Visual Communications, I was awarded Craft Membership of the Society of Heraldic Arts in 2004, one of fewer than 50 artists worldwide to have achieved this.

I have followed my motivation where it leads throughout a far-from-linear career, seeking ways to keep aligning with my personal values of excellence, professionalism, fairness, courage and growth.

My love of learning is reflected in my enthusiasm for supporting others to explore their skills, to consider their beliefs and assumptions, to discover the possible, challenge the impossible - and truly Know No Bounds.

“Katy is a highly creative and motivated leader. She gives freely of her time and expertise and is a creative problem-solver. She is passionate about teaching leadership skills to children and young people, and brings her full authentic self to all her work. I find her inspiring.”

Niamh Hannan

Accredited Thought Leader in Empowering Authentic Leadership

Chartered Psychologist | Coach | Speaker

Discover Possible

Challenge Impossible