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"My favourite thing about the course was the interesting discussions with the teacher."

I am a Leader! participant, age 12

"I loved learning about how your values are what make you, you."

I am a Leader! participant, age 15

"I realised there are things I do all the time that are a kind of leadership - I had never thought of it that way."

I am a Leader! participant, age 16

"This unique programme was highly interactive and allowed our students the space to explore what leadership is and what it does.

Our students enjoyed the programme immensely and discovered that their outlook on life had changed in addition to their understanding of leadership.

Katy was inspiring and extremely well organized with thought-provoking workshops supported by excellent material. We were delighted to welcome Katy to our school and we look forward to working with her in the future."

Brian Moran | Deputy Principal, Presentation Secondary School, Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary

"We are truly privileged to have taken part in the Know No Bounds Leadership Programme with Katy as our facilitator.

Katy was both an inspiring visionary and detailed implementor.  The children enjoyed the thought-provoking workshops, benefitting greatly from the class discussions, workbook activities and relevant material content.

It was a wonderful class experience enjoyed by all."

Ashley Scanlon | Principal, Hedley Park School, Dublin

"Katy is a highly creative and motivated leader.

She gives freely of her time and expertise and is a creative problem-solver. She is passionate about teaching leadership skills to children and young people, and brings her full authentic self to all her work.

I find her inspiring.”

Niamh Hannan

Accredited Thought Leader in Empowering Authentic Leadership

Chartered Psychologist | Coach | Speaker

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